Get off your high horses

From BBC News:

Vatican urges end to Amnesty aid

The Vatican has urged all Catholics to stop donating money to Amnesty International, accusing the human rights group of promoting abortion…(to see the rest of the article, click here.)

Could the Pope and his cronies please sort out their priorities? Let’s put aside the issue of whether abortion should be advocated. By denying Amnesty International their sources of donations, the Vatican will be actively punishing the people in need of charity. These people should in no way suffer because of the stance of Amnesty International, however immoral in the eyes of Rome. At the risk of offending the Catholics, I’d go as far as to say that this is in exactly the same vein as fundamentalist terrorism, since the Vatican chooses to hold one of their religious values irrationally above the love for all mankind, ironically also preached in their religion. I hereby call on all reasonable human beings, whether or not they believe in Christ, to donate towards the honourable cause of Amnesty International, and to persuade family and friends to do the same – we can show the Vatican how out of touch they are by defying them.

Sidebar: to deny rape victims the right of abortion is the kind of by-the-book, irrational religious practice that, again, is the root of extremist terrorism.


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7 responses to “Get off your high horses

  1. selfcataclysm

    I agree completely- however, the Catholic church cannot be a terrorist group because it is a majority. Terrorism is just what the bigger army calls the smaller.

    This kind of ‘warfare’ is horrible- I would have many fewer qualms about this if the Vatican called for stopping the funding of organizations that were purely about abortion…but this is just ridiculous.

  2. Angel

    GW, I like the green background better, this one makes the whole thing so …what should I say..a bit dull. And judging by what you advocate, I think you are of bright colours.

  3. gabrielwong

    Thanks Angel for the feedback – at the moment I’m still looking for the best theme to use. The one thing I liked about the new theme is that the font is sans-serif, which I kind of prefer. Please do help me in my search for the perfect theme though! I’ll keep trying new things in the coming week or so…

  4. K

    It’s interesting you brought this up because I just come back from a COMPULSORY pre-marital talk organised by the Roman Catholic Church in Hong Kong (just in case you didn’t know I’m a Roman Catholic and I’m getting married with another Roman Catholic in a Roman Catholic Church in Hong Kong in July), and to my surprise, they on the one hand suggested that contraception with the aid of tools (e.g. condoms or pills) is wrong, they also teach you how to use them. Made me wonder why they teach you something which they said you shouldn’t do… *wink*

    Just in case you’re wonder, despite the fact that I’m a Roman Catholic, no, I’m not going to stop supporting Amnesty International just because they are pro-choice and the Church now dislike them…

  5. K

    Oh yes, for the record, I’m NOT offended… and I actually agree with you… 😉

  6. S

    (aiya… what have i written) it meant to be:-

    “I wonder whether K would listen to the church. I have a feeling that he’ll have enough children to match my see-fu."

  7. K


    You mean GH?

    No way… he’s a legend in this regard… I certainly don’t want to have the financial, ethical and emotional burden to raise THAT many children…

    Btw, the Church told us that according to the Guiness World Records, a certain human couple on Earth had given birth to something like 69 children throughout their lifetime…

    Just imagine… assuming that they only have 1 child every year… by the time they gave birth to the youngest child… his/her oldest sibling was in his/her 60s… scary huh? 😉


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