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This blog has suffered during a looooooong period of sickness, travel, frantic packing and graduation – being back in Cambridge has been very nice (though the weather has been temperamental, we are spared the deluges of many parts of the UK), and I am hoping to enjoy the most of it while I’m here. Many stories remain to be told, many photos remain to be displayed – watch this space…

Addendum (7th August 2007): Life has been slightly hectic, in both the work and social sense, so that I have not found time to update this much. I am not, however, running out of things to chronicle; I just need a laptop so that I can start writing outside home. Seeing that I might acquire one in the near future, there is hope yet…


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Hong Kong: A Prologue

(A bit of a late appearance by the prologue, admittedly – but, as with many books, the prologue is rarely written first.)

Hong Kong is a city of many faces, there’s no doubt about that. It’s no wonder that the world is fascinated with it – this glowing pearl of a city can be beautiful, lively, frustrating, even infuriating, but never, ever dull.

While countless others, many of them more eloquent than me, have dedicated their love letters to Hong Kong, I am hoping that I can, with my collection of random observations and musings, provide a slightly alternative perspective. Being simultaneously native (born and bred here up to my late teens) and foreign (being educated abroad for the last seven and a half years) certainly affects the way I view this metropolis: I too am captivated by its beauty and its energy, but am deprived of the rose-tinted glasses that non-native writers often use to view the exotic. Precisely because I feel a bond to this city, I get much angrier when I see its flaws. To paraphrase a Chinese saying, “The more you love [someone or something], the harsher you’ll rebuke them" (愛之深, 責之切), and to be fair, there is no shortage of things to criticise about my birthplace. So if there is a theme running through this apparently unordered series, I hope it is honesty: I want you to see Hong Kong as it is, warts and all – the city that I’ve learned to love and hate.


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