The Art of Apologising

Do Hong Kong politicians/bureaucrats/sycophants think that they can get away with murder these days? Gregory So Kam-Leung, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, was arrogant enough to submit his name card as a proof of his income, when applying to extend his maid’s stay in Hong Kong: idiotic, but forgivable. Then he tops it with this insincere “apology", showing that he meant none of it (or that he is very, very bad at apologising, in which case he’d better learn quickly: he’ll have many more opportunities). Those of you who do not understand Chinese would not even realise he is apologising: he sounds more like he’s lecturing a bunch of wayward kids. He might as well be saying, “Don’t you realise that this is the way we do things? How utterly silly of you indeed." Instead of making that half-arsed attempt, he should just shove his smugness where it belongs.



Filed under Hate, Hong Kong


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