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American spelling

I know I’ve been properly brainwashed by the Brits when I feel the hair standing up at the back of my neck every time I see tumour spelt as tumor, and vascularisation as vascularization. Unfortunately Hong Kongers seem to largely adhere to American spelling! Faced with proofreading a number of manuscripts, I had to physically restrain myself from adopting the British forms…



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New MTR regulations

The MTR (Mass Transit Railway, the Hong Kong equivalent of the Metro) has always been in my good books: the trains are fast, very frequent, clean and comfortable, and the service has always been top notch. Even a five-minute delay several years ago made it into the headlines – such is our high expectation for the MTR. Now, they’ve proposed some new regulations, one of which made my jaw drop: swearing passengers will be fined and can be jailed for up to six months. In fact, this rule itself was sufficient to make me want to swear. Not only is it an impractical rule to enforce – there are phrases that might be crude but do not necessarily constitute swearing – but it also smacks of complete disregard for freedom of speech. I wonder if the rule was designed to protect staff from verbal abuse, but surely verbal abuse is offensive regardless of its swear-word content. Morever, taxpayers’ dollars might well be wasted if cases are taken to court to challenge the penalty. The thought of having to live with such blatant breach of our freedom of speech is enough to make my blood boil.

Addendum: Unbeknownst to me, the MTR has a pre-existing regulation whereby swearing is punishable by a fine but no jail sentence. I cannot believe we have been living with this furtive abuse of one of our basic human rights for years!

                                    No swearing here please

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Love, hate, it’s that simple

Such is the theme of my new series, one which will be completely devoid of nonsense or ambiguity. I’ll pen short articles to express my adoration or disgust for people, objects, concepts, whatever. It’s either love or hate: there’s no room for grey area.

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Just as I thought I had nothing to say, I came across the following piece of news:

How does Paris Hilton provide hope for young people? By showing that even dim-witted people can be rich (with the oh-so-simple formula of, hmm, being born into a multimillionaire/billionaire family)? Or by assuring them that anyone can be a celebrity these days, especially with the help of a sex video? The only things she’s ever inspired in me (no longer a ‘young person’, admittedly) are wrath and murderous intentions.


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